General Rules

  • The start dates and times displayed on our website for eSport matches are just an indication and are not guaranteed to be correct. If a match is suspended or postponed and is not resumed within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, then bets on the match will have no action and will be refunded. The exception is that any wager on whether a team/player advances in a tournament, or wins the tournament, will have action, regardless of whether the game is suspended or postponed.
  • All bets will be settled using the official result as declared by the relevant governing body of the competition in question.
  • Total betting: A total in eSports can be rounds/maps/points or other counting measurements depending on the game. The total will only be referred to as ‘the total’.
  • If the announced number of maps/rounds is changed, all the bets on the handicap or the total are canceled. Bets on the Money Line (outcome of the match) have action.
  • If a player or team receives a walkover or win by administrative decision in at least one map, all the bets on the series (Money Line, Handicap and Total) will be canceled and the wagers will be refunded.
  • Bets will not be canceled if a team plays with a stand-in or replacement player.
  • In games with a Hero Draft/Champions selection phase (Dota 2, LoL, etc.), bets during this phase are allowed.
  • In a match where one team begins with an advantage of one map, the maps will be numbered by first map played (e.g. Map 1, Map 2, etc.).
  • Bets on a match will stand so long as the teams are listed correctly, regardless of the League header under which the teams are placed on our website.
  • If there should be a spelling error, system failure or an error of any kind that could result in incorrect odds lines, we reserve the right to void the bet or revise the lines and resettle the bets at the correct odds at our discretion.
  • If a “tie” option has not been offered, then extra time will count if played.
  • If a player or a team changes their name, any bet placed on the lines prior to the change will stand and have action, provided that it is clear which game or team the bets are on. In the case of a team or sponsor changing the roster, bets will be void.

Live Betting

In live betting, if a map is replayed due to a tie, disconnect or for similar reasons, all live bets on the respective map will be canceled. Replaying the map will be treated as a separate game.