Open Bets

Open bets allow you to make a parlay and complete the selections at different times or even different days.

Example: 3 Team Parlay $100 to win $600

  • Cowboys -8
  • Dolphins -14
  • Open*


  • No open spots on teasers.
  • Open parlays online only.
  • Maximum of 2 open spots per parlay.
  • Any open bet left unfilled/pending for more than 90 days will be graded a loss.
  • All bets are final. Once an open spot is filled that selection cannot be edited.
  • If you confirm a parlay with 1 or 2 open spots, your bet slip will show you the approximate profit with the confirmed odds. Once you fill these open spots, the winnings will be recalculated.

You can always see the weekly balance of your account, as well as keep track of deposits, withdrawals, and bets, in your Betcris account history.

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