Betting on all major golfing events

  • Straight betting on competitions.
  • Betting right up until tee-off time.
  • Bets placed on the winner of a cup, open and/or tournament, the winner of the day is also offered.
  • Future bets on the winner of a specified event.
  • In head-to-head competitions, both golfers must tee-off in order to have action. If one player misses the cut, his opponent is deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut the lower score wins. If both players have the same score, then all bets are refunded.

Special Handicap Head-to-Head Competitions

If a player withdraws after tee-off or misses the cut, the player who plays the most holes wins. Playoffs do not count for handicap bets.

To Win a Tournament

  • If bets are placed on golfers to win a tournament within 10 days of a tournament commencing and the player does not start, bets will be refunded.
  • The only bets on a champion that will not be refunded are ‘ALL IN’ bets, in genuine ‘Futures’ markets, posted more than 10 days prior to the Tournament.
  • If a tournament is shortened, after it has started, all bets stand. Bets accepted after the end of a day’s play are void unless there is further play, which counts towards the result of the tournament (other than a playoff). Another option is that the bet is placed specifically on the result of a playoff.
  • If a tournament is officially abandoned, all bets on the tournament are void, except for options that have already been decided.

Dead Heat Rule

In the event of a tie where 3 or more competitors are offered in one betting option, the dead heat rule applies.

Under the dead heat rule, the payout will be the total bet amount (stake plus revenue) divided by the number of players tied, minus the stake.

For example, you place a $100 bet on a player at +300 to reach the top 5 places in the tournament, and he finishes 5th, but tied with two other players. In this case, the dead heat rule will result in the following payout:

  • Add stake + win amount (100+300) = 400
  • Take this result and divide it by the number of players tied (3), which gives you 400/3 = 133.33
  • Take this second result and subtract the stake amount (100), resulting in 133.33 – 100 = 33.3

Therefore, the payout for this bet would be $33.33.