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Betting on Round Robins

To play a Round Robin, you must select between three and eight teams, which will be arranged in every possible parlay combination.

In each parlay, you will bet the same amount. For example, if you bet $10 and choose 4 parlays of 3 combinations, you’ll be betting $10 on each one, so the total Round Robin amount will be $40.

For example, select teams A, B, C, and D. The system will display the following options under the heading COMBINATIONS:

  • Four three-team combinations (A+B+C / A+B+D / B+C+D / A+C+D).
  • Six two-team combinations (A+B / C+D / A+C / A+D / B+C / B+D).

In a Round Robin, you will have more chances to win even if any of the teams loses any of the matches, since the other bet combinations (that do not include the losing team) on the game lost will still have action.

How to bet on a Round Robin?

  1. Select at least 3 sports odds. *
  2. In your betslip, select the Parlay option to see at the bottom of your betslip the option Multiple Bets, where you will be given all the parlay combinations and the teams on each parlay, according to your selection.
  3. Enter the amount to bet, which will be multiplied by the number of combinations you have chosen.

Remember that all odds are dynamic and are regularly changing, your betslip will tell you if the value of any pick has changed. If this happens, you may choose any of these three options:

  • Not to accept any line changes.
  • Accept all line changes.
  • Accept line changes only on your favor.

If all your picks win, you will earn the total win amount shown on the betslip, but if one of your picks loses, the profits will be recalculated.

*Some events may be restricted from being included on a Round Robin, if this is the case, your betslip will let you know.

You can always see the weekly balance of your account, as well as keep track of deposits, withdrawals and bets, in your Betcris account history.

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