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Straight Bet

The straight bet gives you the possibility to choose which team or line will be the winner, or whether the event will result in a tie.

Different values for each possible option appear on the bet line:

The value of the line may change, depending on which team is the favorite to win.

Once the teams are selected on your betting ticket, you must enter the amount you wish to bet; you will also be able to see the minimum and maximum amount of that specific event. In addition, you can select from the following options for line changes*:

  • Not accepting any line changes.
  • Accepting all line changes.
  • Accepting line changes only in my favor.

*We offer these options since our betting lines are dynamic and changes always arise depending on the circumstances of each event.

Finally, click the button that says BET and done! You’ve added a lot more excitement to your favorite sports.

Remember that in the top right corner, on your profile icon, you will find the option of PENDING PLAYS. There you can see:

  • Your active bets.
  • The date and time a bet was placed.
  • The event you bet on.
  • The amount of your bet.
  • The prize amount if you win.
  • The ticket number.

You can always see the weekly balance of your account, as well as keep track of deposits, withdrawals and bets, in your Betcris account history.

Continue to enjoy the best sports lines with Betcris!