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Verification of Card Deposits, Payments or Bank Transfer Withdrawals

A bank statement is an officially valid document issued by a financial institution, which shows the balance of each customer’s bank account, as well as the movements or transactions made with the associated card(s).

When should I send a bank statement?

Your bank statement is required for any inquiries regarding credit or debit card deposits, as well as card payments or withdrawals via bank transfer.

If it has not been requested, you should not attach your statement.

Remember that you should not send your credit card or bank transfer documentation via e-mail.

How do I attach my document?

Contact our Customer Care Team through our Live Chat, available 24/7.

Or, follow these steps to upload your documents in case you are requested the verification of missing or duplicate transactions.

What information should my bank statement show?

  • Account holder’s name (must be the same registered in the Betcris account)
  • Bank account or card identification number: the card number must show only the first four (4) and last six (6) digits (for your security, cover the rest of the numbers).
  • Bank name or logo
  • Period of activity or date for case review: it must include from the date when the charge to consult was made until the date corresponding to the case request.
  • Details of purchases or transactions made: name or descriptor of the business/merchant under consideration, date and amount paid.

Important, we will NOT accept:

  • Documents in Excel or Word format
  • Deposit or transaction notifications since they are not final indicators of a purchase and usually lack basic information.
  • Cropped documents
  • Elements or images that are not entirely accurate; information provided by customers must be totally legible. You may omit any information on balances or other transaction transaction descriptions that are not relevant to your request.

If you have any questions about the verification of card deposits or bank transfer withdrawals, feel free to contact our Customer Care team through our Live Chat.