Bank Transfer

A wire transfer is a transfer of funds from one bank account to another. In this case, during the deposit process it will be necessary to log into your bank’s online banking to authorize the transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Monnet?

Monnet is the intermediary payment gateway in charge of collecting and dispersing funds. It is a company that provides security, trust and agility to make electronic payments in real-time.

2. How can I make a deposit via Bank Transfer?
  1. Log in to your Betcris account. 
  2. Click on ‘Cashier’.
    • Mobile Users: the ‘Cashier’ is located on the ‘Main Menu’ at the top left of your screen.
    • Desktop Users: the ‘Cashier’ is located at the top of your screen.
  3. Select ‘Deposit’ → ‘Bank transfer’.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on ‘Deposit’.
  5. You will be redirect to the payment gateway to complete the transaction.
  6. Choose the bank of your preference.
  7. The system will connect to your bank account, it will take your RUT number as a reference, in case of an error you would be able to edit your RUT digits and click on continue.
  8. Once you are in your bank account gateway, you only need to authorize the order and the funds will be immediately credited to your Betcris account.
3. Is there any extra charge for using this deposit method?

No, Betcris will not charge you any commission for any type of deposit.

4. How long does it take for my transfer to be approved?

Accreditation is immediate.

5. How many bank transfers can I make?

You can make as many bank transfers as you wish.

6. What happens if my deposit is not credited to my account balance?

Banks transfers sponsored by Monnet are credited immediately. If you already have made the transfer and after 10 minutes the money is not reflected in your account balance, please contact our Customer Care Team via Live Chat in order to report the pending deposit.

7. Why my deposit was rejected?

It may be due to several reasons:

  • You exceeded the time to make the transaction: you only have 3 minutes to authorize the payment once inside the Monnet gateway.
  • The bank account is not authorized for this type of transfer, it will be necessary to contact your bank directly.
  • You entered the wrong details during the payment process.


The availability of your deposit methods may vary depending on your location and any other factors. Always check the ‘Cashier’ to know your available options. 

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