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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I be part of the Loyalty Program?

You must have an active Betcris account and start betting. You will immediately begin to be part of the Loyalty Program.

2. Are there restrictions on entering the Program?

The administration may determine if an account is not eligible based on its type of game, since only accounts considered “recreational” will be able to participate in it.

3. What are BetPoints and how do I get them?

BetPoints are the points available to redeem for rewards within the Loyalty Program. You will start earning BetPoints as soon as you place your first qualifying bet on sporting events.

4. How many BetPoints do I get for every dollar wagered?

You get $1 BetPoint per USD$1 wagered, or its equivalent in local currency.

5. What will happen to Parlays and Round Robin bets?

Parlays or Round Robin bets will accumulate the same number of points as the bet amount. For example, if the accumulator bet was for $100, you will accumulate 100 BetPoints.

6. What are the levels of the Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program consists of 6 levels:

  • Level 1: Bronze
  • Level 2: Silver
  • Level 3: Gold
  • Level 4: Platinum
  • Level 5: Diamond
  • Level 6: VIP

7. What types of rewards are available?

Rewards available in the Loyalty Program include:

  • Free Play: You can use free plays to bet on any sporting event.
  • Cashback: Crediting cash to your Betcris account.

8. What benefits do I get at each level?

All levels get the benefit of Free Play and Cashback. The equivalence of 1000 BetPoints for both types of benefits vary in this way:

Level Equivalence in Free Plays
Bronze USD$5
Silver USD$6
Gold USD$7.5
Platinum USD$9
Diamond USD$10.5
Level Equivalence in Cashback
Bronze USD$3
Silver USD$4
Gold USD$5
Platinum USD$6
Diamond USD$7

9. How can I level up?

To level up, you need to accumulate a certain amount of BetPoints in a 12-month period. The minimum points for each level are as follows:

  • Level 1- BRONZE: activated automatically when placing the first bet.
  • Level 2- SILVER: 500 BetPoints
  • Level 3- GOLD: 5,000 BetPoints
  • Level 4- PLATINUM: 50,000 BetPoints
  • Level 5- DIAMOND: 120,000 BetPoints
  • Level 6 – VIP: Just by invitation.

10. Where can I see my points and my current level?

To view your BetPoints balance and your current Loyalty Program level, log in to Betcris, select Loyalty Program at the top of the page. There you will find the progress bar with your accumulated points, redeemable points and current level.

11. How do I maintain my current level?

Levels are based on your last 12 months of activity. For example: To maintain Platinum status, you need to earn at least 50,000 BetPoints in the last 12 months and to maintain Diamond status you need to earn at least 120,000 BetPoints in the same period. If you do not reach the necessary amount of BetPoints to maintain your level, you will be demoted to the level corresponding to the BetPoints you have accumulated in that period.

12. How can I redeem my BetPoints for rewards?

You can redeem your Betcris points for rewards in the REDEEM section of the Loyalty Program.

13-. How long do I have to redeem my BetPoints?

As long as your account remains active and with the same betting rate, you will remain at the corresponding level, and you will not have a time restriction to redeem your points. In case of inactivity, you will have 12 months from the generation of your last BetPoints.

14. Do my BetPoints ever expire?

BetPoints expire 12 months after placing the bet if there is no activity in the account and their calculation will be done daily.

15. Can I transfer my BetPoints?

BetPoints are not transferable.

16. How long does it take for my BetPoints to be credited?

BetPoints will be reflected in your account once the bet has been qualified.

17. What will happen to my Betcris points accumulated in the previous Loyalty Programs (Arena)?

Your accumulated Betcris points will be converted into BetPoints with the same value.

18. What if I have any questions or concerns about the Loyalty Program?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Loyalty Program you can contact our Customer Care Team via Live Chat.