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About Betting

Which sports can I bet on?

Betcris offers lines and predictions on all high-level sporting events, including International Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Motorsports, Golf, Horse Racing, Boxing and many more. We also offer Political events, Film and Music Industry Awards, TV Shows and others.

Visit our ‘Learn to bet’ section to see our wide range of options.

What types of bets are accepted at Betcris?

Betcris offers the widest variety of betting types and special betting plays including straight plays, Parlays, Teasers, futures propositions and more.

Be sure to visit our Learn to Bet section section to be aware of all the information on our rules.

What are the betting limits?

Betcris offers the service to both recreational and non-recreational players. The minimum wage is USD$1 (or its equivalent in your local currency).

The maximum per prediction varies depending on the sport and the line you are playing.

Can I change or cancel bets online?

Customers are not allowed to cancel or change any bet once it has been placed. Remember that once confirmed, your bet is final and cannot be changed. We recommend that you verify your selections before confirming your bet.

What kind of bonuses does Betcris offer?

In our constant effort to provide our customers with the best possible betting experience, Betcris offers different bonuses, as well as seasonal promotions.

To see our current promotions, please visit our Promotions section.

How can I get a bonus?

Bonuses or promotions are available for specific dates or events and are subject to a rollover requirement.

To verify your Free Play balance from your PC, you need to log in to your Betcris account and click on your general balance; there you will be able to see your Free Play balance available.

From a mobile device, you need to click on the Account icon at the top right of the screen; there you will see your Free Play balance available.

What is a Free Play?

For more details about Free Plays and its rules, click here.

How can I apply for the welcome bonus?

For details about our welcome promotions and their rules, click here.

What is the rollover?

For a clear explanation on the rollover, click here.

What should I do if I have a question about betting that is not in this section? 

Just send an email to our Customer Care team at help@betcris.com.