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Deposits at Betcris Locations

We offer a variety of fast and convenient ways to deposit funds into your account*, including deposits in Official Betcris Agencies.

To make your deposit, you only need to present your ID and Betcris account number, along with the funds to be deposited.

Contact your nearest Betcris Agency to confirm the minimum and maximum amounts per transaction, as well as any additional details you may need, as they may vary depending on the country.

*Betcris is committed to prevent that, in the development of its operations, the company is used as a means to legitimize money coming from illicit activities and/or transactions. We have policies, procedures, systems and controls in place to prevent this type of situation in the services we provide. Likewise, the personnel is trained to detect and report any suspicious transaction to the Compliance Department, which investigates the reports received and, if necessary, escalates the report to the corresponding authority.