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Suspended Games

Any games or events must be played to its conclusion within 48 hours to have action on full game propositions. Wagers on games that are suspended on the day of the event but played to conclusion within 48 hours after the start time have action and will be qualified according to the completed game score.

However, if the event is part of a tournament (Tennis Tournament, Olympic Games, World Cups, European Cups, among others) the bet will be valid, and the 48-hour rule will not apply.

Games or events which are not resumed and remain shortened for any reason such as weather, player withdrawal, crowd control, among others, will be qualified as ‘No Action’, independently if the sport’s governing body confirms an official result or not.

The above information does not apply to proposition bets which are not dependent on the event to be final. Said bets are settled as soon as the outcome has been determined.


Remember that each sport will have its own specific rules in case of suspension/cancellation. We recommend you consult our Sports Betting section where you will be able to see the rules for each particular sport.