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Official Game Times

In live betting based on full game outcomes, two things must occur for a bet to have action:

  1. A winner must be determined, and
  2. The game/match must meet a required minimum length (according to each sport):
    • Football: 59 minutes of game time must be played.
    • Baseball: 9 full innings must be played (8 ½ if the home team is ahead).
    • Basketball: NBA games must be played for 46 minutes. All other leagues must play for 38 minutes.
    • Hockey: 59 minutes of game time must be played. All overtime and penalties are considered.
    • Soccer: The full 90 minutes of regulation time must be played.
    • Golf: Any wager with only 2 betting options in which both options are golfers (i.e., head-to-head matchups) require both golfers to complete the round and/or tournament for action. Missing the cut is regarded as the completion of the tournament. The other propositions are ‘all-in betting’ and will have action as long as the tournament or event has a winner, regardless of whether all golfers complete the game or not.
    • Tennis: Game and set betting only require the game or set completion to be valid. Full match propositions require full match completion to be valid. If a player withdraws due to injury, disqualification, or any other reason, the full match propositions will be cancelled.

*For any sports not listed here, general pre-game rules apply.

These rules apply to all full-game bets (spread, total, money line) and proposition bets that can be only qualified once the event is finished (for example, a wager on which team will score last).

For live betting propositions, bets that are not dependent on the event to be final (for example, the next play wager in baseball) the bet is qualified as soon as the outcome has been determined.