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Bitcoin/Crypto Withdrawal Verification Code

When requesting a withdrawal using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, a unique code will be sent to your mobile phone for two-factor authentication (2FA) purposes. This added security measure ensures that no one else can access your funds. The code will be delivered to your mobile phone in just a few seconds after your request.

There are two common issues that you need to be aware of:

The code never arrived

If you did not receive the confirmation code, it could be because your registered mobile phone number is not the same you are using now. In this case, you will need to contact our team through Live Chat for assistance.

The code expired

For security reasons, the 2FA expires in 3 minutes. After that time, the code will no longer be accepted in the cryptocurrency ATM. In those cases, please request a new one through the Betcris Cashier and use it as soon as possible.


Be sure to read the Cryptocurrency Disclaimer.