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General Horse Betting Rules

  1. Betcris reserves the right to restrict the amount of money, any bet, or any track, at any time. 
  2. Once a racing bet is accepted and a ticket number is generated, it cannot be changed or voided. 
  3. After management verifies the results of the race, if it is found that the wager was post posted, your bet will be disqualified from any winnings, and your original bet will be placed back in your account. 
  4. Bets on All Major Tracks in the U.S. are available, and we are not connected to the pari-mutuel pool; your bets do not affect the track odds. 
  5. In all Quarter Horse Races, the maximum net profit per race is $1,000. 
  6. In cases where a bet is made before early scratches are announced, your bet will be refunded. All bets that are affected will be refunded whether or not you have any winning legs.
  7. All North American races are qualified using the host track’s pari-mutuel prices. For all Non-North American tracks, the international common pool is used. If there is no international common pool price, the host track’s pari-mutuel prices will be used. 
  8. Any attempt to manipulate the pool may cause your account to be closed and your pending balance to be immediately returned. Any winnings from such an attempt may be voided. 
  9. If a wager type is enabled on a Non-North American track, but not offered in the International Common Pool, all bets on that wager type will be voided. We will not use the host track’s payouts. If a wager type is enabled on a North American track by mistake, but not offered at that track, all bets on that wager type will be voided.
  10. Any attempt to play in the negative pool will result in the account suspension.