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Betting Odds and Limits

1. There is a maximum net profit on each individual race based on the track category. Daily Doubles, Pick 3 and Pick 4 count towards the last race in its sequence when calculating the race profit. The formula will be Net Profit equals Total Payout For Race minus Total Amount Wagered For Race. This is reset for every individual race.

2. There is a $20,000 limit, per horse per bet type for Show bets. Any bets placed above this amount will be considered ‘No Action’.

3. There are no house odds. If there are no track payoffs for a certain bet type, all bets on that type will be refunded.

4. If a track is on our betting menu, but it is not listed on the Horse Track Categories, the Maximum Net Profits is $5,000 by default.

5. If the track payout on a race pays to ALL on Super/Trifectas, pays out 2 of 3 on a Pick 3, or 3 or 4 on a Pick 4, and Betcris customer‘s bet has the exact ticket, the customer will be paid out the whole minus the takeout percentage. If the pool information is not available, the payout will be 3 times the consolation payout period. If the takeout information is not available, it will be 20% by default. If the whole pool is paid out, consolation payouts at the same rates will not apply. All normal track limits are applicable.