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Third-party Software Providers

Betcris does NOT accept liability for the operation of third-party software and games, nor does it accept liability for the corresponding payout of winnings from within all third-party software and games used by the players within the site.

Should any software-related malfunction occur, either internally or externally, any claims of payouts or winnings will be invalid and void.

The result of the game will be considered non-applicable, and no payout or winnings as deemed by faulty software will be honored or distributed to the player if the following is determined:

  • The software has been manipulated.
  • Systematic errors occur within the software due to force majeure.
  • Any internal or external impact that alters the games’ intended delivery.
  • Faulty or malfunctioned

Betcris makes every effort to ensure that errors or mistakes do not occur in any games and reserves the right to void all winnings, payouts, or withdrawals enabled by wins resulting from any obvious error or mistake or any technical fault (including, but not limited to incorrect game payouts) with any of the games offered.

The player agrees to forfeit any winnings/losses that result from such errors or mistakes or technical faults.