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Specific Internet Betting Rules

You should determine whether Betcris services are permitted under the laws of your jurisdiction.

Account balances must be verified by the player on each Internet log-on prior to wagering. When you verify and accept your betting account balance, you agree that all previous transactions are correct and you do not have any claims. Claims or disputes must be settled at this time. Contact us through email if you have any disputes, claims, additional account information, or to report account discrepancies.

All Internet betting transactions are logged and backed-up regularly. In all cases of dispute, both management and the player agree that the log backup shall serve as the final authority in the dispute and that all wagers will be adjusted accordingly. Claims must be lodged within three days from the date the wager was made. No claims will be honored after this three-day period. Players are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all account transactions.

Any manipulation of prices and or spread may result in the ticket being marked as a loser.