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Weekly Slots Tournaments… 52 chances to win!

Our casino tournaments are a lot of fun and even easier to win!

Follow these steps to find and play in our tournaments:

  • Go to the CASINO section.
  • Click on PLAY NOW.

To enter the tournament, get your entry ticket with a buy-in for the amount that the system will indicate (Coins). You can buy-in by clicking the “Free” or “Buy-in” options in the tournament pop-up window. Once this is done, you can start and play your entry. If you run out of your entry, by clicking PLAY NOW again, you can return to the unfinished entry. You are entitled to as many re-buys as you want!

Your entry ticket will guarantee you a predetermined number of spins and a slot machine balance between 1,000 – 5,000.

The higher your chip count or score at the end of the tournament, the better your chances of reaching the top of the leaderboard and winning a cash prize payable in Coins.


  1. Tournament prizes will be credited within 24 hours after the end of the tournament.
  2. Prizes will be paid to the winners indicated on the leaderboard, unless the information indicates otherwise.
  3. In the event of a tie, the prize will be divided equally between players sharing the same score.
  4. Entries are not transferable and cannot be carried over to future tournaments, as they are only applicable at the time they are requested.
  5. An entry will be completed if the chip count reaches 0 or if all spins are played.
  6. Your tournament entry will be voided and will not qualify if there are remaining hands/spins within your entry.
  7. Chips are for tournament use only and cannot be transferred.
  8. Re-buys are permitted; however, only the highest-scoring entry per player will be included in the prize pool.
  9. Promotional or complimentary entries (buy-ins) will expire at the end of the tournament. Expired entries will not be reissued and are not retroactive.
  10. Withdrawals from free spins in both Sports and Casino are subject to a minimum 1X rollover requirement unless specific conditions state otherwise.