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Terms and Conditions


By Registering as a Member or by claiming any Member Benefit, you agree to be bound by, and your participation in the Betcris Arena Loyalty Program will be governed by, these Terms and Conditions. 

Betcris Arena is the Betcris Loyalty Program which rewards its Customers with points whereby they can earn various benefits or rewards. 

Reward is understood as the reload bonuses, free plays, and any kind of prizes that Customers might obtain in their accounts by participating in the Program. 

The Loyalty Program for Betcris is Betcris Arena (referred to hereinafter as the ‘Loyalty Program’ or ‘Program’) and operates under the rules set out below, unless otherwise explicitly stated. 

Your participation in this Program shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions and Rules, and it is your responsibility to read and understand them, their benefits as well as your responsibilities. 


1.1- The following terms and conditions form the basis of your participation in the Program. 

1.2- Specific restrictions apply to the Program: 

  1. Betcris Arena is void where it is forbidden and/or restricted by law, and it is not available in the following Restricted Countries. 
  2. Special odds do not apply in the Dominican Republic. 
  3. Betcris Arena is not available to non-recreational players (Masters or professional players). 

1.3- By joining our Loyalty Program and using your account to receive and redeem Betcris Arena benefits, you accept that: 

  1. You have read and accepted these Rules and the Website Terms and Conditions which are incorporated by reference herein; and 
  2. You consent to the use and disclosure of your personal data by the Company and the Loyalty Program if considered necessary according to the Company’s Privacy Policy. 

1.4- All the Loyalty Program benefits, gifts, offers, awards, and promotions are subject to availability and Betcris may change them at any time without previous notice. 

1.5- Betcris may terminate the Loyalty Program partially or completely at its sole discretion. If the Loyalty Program is terminated, all unredeemed Betcris Points (BP) will be forfeited without any obligation or liability, and no redemption claims will be granted after the conclusion of the Program. 

1.6- All decisions related to the interpretation and application, or administration of the Program Rules are Betcris’ sole discretion; any dispute regarding the Program and any benefits offered through the Program will be only determined by Betcris. 

1.7- Participants are responsible for and must pay for all administration charges, taxes, service fees, governmental charges, and other non-specified costs or charges which may be imposed according to any Rewards received as part of the Program. 

1.8- Once Rewards are redeemed and used, no changes or refunds are allowed.  

1.9- Participants must have an active and valid Betcris bets account in order to receive rewards. Closed accounts (upon their own request) or inactive accounts are not eligible to receive rewards, unless they re-open the account according to the use terms and conditions. 

1.10- In the case of Participants who chose to self-exclude their Betcris account, the Betcris Points accumulated until the exact self-exclusion date will not expire during said period. 

1.11- During the self-exclusion period, Participants will not be able to use their Betcris Points for redeemable purposes in the Betcris Arena Store. 


2.1- Betcris Arena consists of 12 levels; advancing to the higher levels will be based on points earned by completing challenges and/or placing bets. Each level will include a set of specific benefits and requirements for the Participants. 

2.2- Participants will be able to redeem accumulated points in the Betcris Arena Store, as well as to redeem their granted benefits. Specific benefits will be unlocked according to the Participant’s progress in the Program. See the Rules section. 

2.3- Points
Betcris Arena is based on the accumulation of two different types of points: 

  1. Betcris Points:
  • Points granted when the Participant places bets 
  • This type of points can be redeemed in the Betcris Arena Store 
  • Equivalency: 1 BP = $1 or its equivalent in your local currency 
  • These points expire 365 days after being generated. 
  1. Experience Points (XP):
  • These are the points that determine the advance from one level to another. 
  • They cannot be exchanged and are granted when the Participant completes challenges or places bets. 
  • Equivalency: 1 XP = $1 or its equivalent in your local currency 
  • These points do not have an expiration date. 

Betcris will not grant surplus points from previous Loyalty Programs to the new Betcris Arena Loyalty Program during the migration process. 

2.4- Currency 

The official currency that will be used for conversion purposes is US dollars, even though the different and specific amounts will be displayed in the Participant’s local currency. 

2.5- Levels: 

  • Level 0– BEGINNER: Automatically assigned at the moment the customer creates their account, as long as there are no bets placed. 
  • Level 1– APPRENTICE: Automatically activated once the Participant places their first bet. 
  • Level 2– CONTENDER: Reached once the Participant accumulates 151 Experience Points. 
  • Level 3– SOLDIER: Reached once the Participant accumulates 451 Experience Points. 
  • Level 4– WARRIOR: Reached once the Participant accumulates 1.501 Experience Points. 
  • Level 5– KNIGHT: Reached once the Participant accumulates 3.001 Experience Points. 
  • Level 6– VICTOR: Reached once the Participant accumulates 6.001 Experience Points. 
  • Level 7– UNDEFEATED: Reached once the Participant accumulates 12.001 Experience Points. 
  • Level 8– CONQUEROR: Reached once the Participant accumulates 24.001 Experience Points. 
  • Level 9– MASTER: Reached once the Participant accumulates 48.001 Experience Points. 
  • Level 10– EXPERT: Reached once the Participant accumulates 96.001 Experience Points*. 
  • Level 11– HERO: Reached once the Participant accumulates 192.001 Experience Points*. 
  • Level 12– LEGEND: Reached once the Participant accumulates 300.001 Experience Points*. 

* These three levels present a particular situation, since the Participants may choose to bet with ‘special odds’ or continue accumulating points. The Betcris Points that the participant has accumulated up to this point cannot be redeemed once they have opted for special lines. Customers from the Dominican Republic cannot choose to receive discounted lines, as due to country regulations, their lines for Parlays are always priced at -130.  See the Rules section. 


3.1- Free Plays 

Regular Free Plays that Participants can redeem using their Betcris Points. These Free Plays are subject to the Free Plays Rules and are reflected in US dollars or their equivalent in your local currency. 

Free Play equivalency: 

  • Free Plays USD$2: 400 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$5: 1.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$10: 2.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$25: 5.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$50: 10.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$100: 20.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$250: 55.000 Betcris Points 
  • Free Plays USD$500: 110.000 Betcris Points 

In order to redeem these Free Plays, participants select one of the available options in the Free Plays menu. 

3.2- Cash Prizes 

These are prizes credited to the Participant’s Betcris Account as cash. 

There are no requirements for these prizes being accredited in the Betcris account. 

Cash Prizes equivalency: 

  • USD$2 in cash: 800 Betcris Points 
  • USD$5 in cash: 2.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$10 in cash: 4.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$25 in cash: 10.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$50 in cash: 20.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$100 in cash: 40.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$250 in cash: 125.000 Betcris Points 
  • USD$500 in cash: 250.000 Betcris Points 


These benefits will be unlocked in the customer’s Betcris Arena Store as they level up. 

  • Courtesy Betcris Points gift: Courtesy gift with a surprise amount of Betcris Points. 
  • Betcris Points x3: The Participants triple their points on their next two bets after claiming the benefit. 
  • 20% Bonus up to USD$50 (3X): 20% bonus up to $50 or its equivalent in your local currency with a 3X rollover. 
  • 20% Bonus up to USD$500 (3X): 20% bonus up to $500 or its equivalent in your local currency with a 5X rollover. 
  • 20% Bonus up to USD$750 (3X): 20% bonus up to $750 or its equivalent in your local currency with a 5X rollover. 


5.1- Completing Challenges allow the Participants to earn additional Experience Points to level up faster. Each of the Challenges only grants Experience Points rather than Betcris Points.  

Participants have the option to activate several or all the Challenges at the same time; there are no restrictions regarding how many Challenges can be completed during a specific period. 

5.2- Not all the Challenges that are part of Betcris Arena will be available for all customers, since their availability depends on previously performed actions, and bets completed in the customer’s account. 

5.3- Categories: 

  1. In progress: All the challenges are available for the Participants from the beginning of the program; they are not linked to a specific level. 
  2. Claimable: Once the Participants have completed a specific Challenge, it becomes ‘claimable’ within the Challenges section. 
  3. Completed: The status displayed when the challenge requirements have been completed and the prize has been claimed. 
  4. Expired: These are special Challenges linked to a specific period for being completed. 

If you have any questions, please check out the Help Center or contact the Customer Care team. 

Last amended May 2023.