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Frequently Asked Questions


1- How do I enroll in the Betcris Arena Program? 

There’s no need to register, you automatically start the program just by having an active account. 

2- How do I accumulate points to level up? 

You can do it in different ways: by placing bets or by completing challenges. 

3- What is the difference between Betcris Points and Experience Points? 

You receive both when you place bets. They differ in the fact that the Experience Points determine your level progress, and they do not expire. Betcris Points are those you can redeem in the Betcris Arena Store, and they expire 365 days after being generated. 

4- How do I know the exact amount of Betcris Points that I will use to exchange them for a certain benefit? 

When you select a benefit in the Betcris Arena Store, the system will display a pop-up window indicating the amount of BP that will be exchanged; you will also receive confirmation of the transaction. 

5- Where can I track my accumulated points? 

You will see a ‘Progress Bar ’on the top of the interface, which will indicate the BP you have accumulated, and the ones you lack to move up to the next level. 

6- What are the challenges? 

They are an option that we offer to you to earn additional Experience Points, so you can level up faster. 

7- How many challenges can I complete at the same time? 

You can choose to activate all the challenges from the very beginning of the program and complete them all at once or one by one, it is up to you! 

8- What are ‘In Progress’ challenges? 

It is the state in which all challenges start from the Apprentice level; once you activate them, their status will change. 

9- What are ‘Claimable’ challenges? 

Each challenge has a series of requirements that you must meet; when you have completed them and the bets have been settled, your challenges will change to ‘Claimable’. 

10- What are ‘Completed’ challenges? 

Once you claim your challenges and your prizes, the challenges will be considered ‘Completed’. 

11- What are ‘Expired’ challenges? 

You will see that some challenges have a specific period to be completed; once this time ends, you will see these challenges in this category. 

12- Why do horse bets not accumulate points?

Because this type of bet gives you up to 8% daily rebate, whether your bet wins or loses.